Sponsor your favorite bird. A unique present for someone special or as a treat for yourself. Your sponsorship will help us towards the daily upkeep of your chosen bird, such as food and maintenance.

Sponsor names will be displayed on our Sponsorship Board within the Centre and Sponsors will receive a special gift pack. This will include free entry to the Centre for a whole year (for the named Sponsor), a mounted photograph of your bird, bird biography, a soft toy and more!


Annual Sponsorship prices as follows:

Small Owls such as Barn Owl, Tawny Owl, Marsh Owl, Little Owl, Southern White Faced Owl.

Medium/Large Owls such as Rock Eagle Owl, Snowy Owl, Spectacled Owl, Eagle Owls

Hawks and Buzzards, for example Harris Hawk, Common Buzzard, Ferruginous Hawk, Gymnogene

Falcons such as Kestrel, Lanner Falcon, Hybrid Falcons

Caracaras and Kites such as Striated Caracara, Crested Caracara, Black Kite.

Vultures such as African Hooded Vulture, White Headed Vulture, White Backed Vulture, Black Vulture, Turkey Vulture.

Eagles such as Alaskan Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle, Tawny Eagle, Bateleur Eagle

Please note that sponsorship is not exclusive, although in some cases exclusive sponsorship can be arranged by contacting us on 01425 476487

Your sponsorship is valid for one year, and is non-refundable or transferable.

Download Sponsorship Application Form Here